keeping your poppy on safely

After seeing a Mum at our school do something similar to her poppy I was keen to do this to all of ours.

Ever since the kids started wearing poppies I have been concerned that they would get poked by the sharp pin.  I have tried poking the sharp end into a piece of an eraser to keep them attached and safe but it's never been very successful.

This idea is so simple and it also includes our country's flag!

It's a simple "conversion" you just remove the straight pin and replace it with a pin that has a clip back.
Voila!  Why didn't I think of this before?
 It's now safer and patriotic!

At school the kids have been busy making artwork and will have an assembly to honour the holiday.
At home we'll talk to our kids about what our soldiers have done for our country and I have some books coming from the Library to read.

Lest we forget.
~ joey ~

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