Little ghosts number game

This is the simplest little game!
Over the years I have made up different sets to go with our themes but you can also use a simple deck of cards.  I believe the original game is called Lucky Seven, but you can use fewer or more cards depending on the age of your child. (or how challenging you want the game to be for the adults!) ;o)  

I made up these ghost cards with the numbers 1-9 on them.  
Here's how you play.

~ mix up cards and lay in a row overturned.

~ turn over any card.
I chose the 5th card and it was a number 3.

~ now turn over the 3rd card.
It was a number 9.

~ now turn over the 9th card.
It was a number 4.

~ now turn over the 4th card.
It was a number 5, however, I have already turned over the 5th card, so I have lost the game.

The idea is turn over all of the cards without turning over a number that you have already overturned.
. . . clear as mud right?!

 Feel free to ask me questions.
 Believe me it is possible to win this game,
and it's great counting practice for the kids too!

Good luck!
~ joey ~ 

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  1. I am all for games that encourage counting and number recognition and odering, thank you for the idea. Popping by from Happy Family Times


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