autumn creativity #2 - glass bead acorns

I'm back with another autumn craft!
I absolutely adore acorns so inspired by This Cosy Life's acorn bells I decided to make some glass bead acorns for our branch.
 These are the simplest of all of the autumn crafts that I'm making right now.
*note:  young children will need an adult to do
the drilling and hot gluing.

Here's what you need:

~ glass beads - assorted sizes around 1/2" in diameter
(amber beads are my favourite!)
~ acorn caps
~ hot glue
~ embroidery floss (I used silver and copper
for a bit of glitz!)
~ drill and a 1/16" drill bit

Step 1 - Match each bead with an acorn cap
(kids love this job!)
Step 2 - drill hole in top of acorn cap (adult's job)
Step 3 - loop the floss, thread through the hole and tie a knot so that it's hidden inside the acorn cap
Step 4 - fill inside of acorn cap with hot glue 
Step 5 - glue bead into place, done!

Here are some other ideas on how to use these colourful little acorns:

~ hang them on a branch, peg or door knob in your home

~ tie them around a napkin as a napkin ring

~ make them into wine glass rings

~ earrings anyone?!

~ make one into a necklace for your doll

~ make one into a necklace for yourself! ;o)

~ tie onto a gift for someone special (perhaps with a felt embroidered leaf!?)

Are you making any new crafts this year to celebrate the season?
~ joey ~ 

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  1. Thanks Becca!
    I normally don't do "bright and colourful" I prefer natural colours, but these were kind of fun!

  2. These are beautiful! I can only imagine how they must look when the light hits them. Please consider sharing on Waldorf Wednesday!

  3. Simple but very, very nice!

  4. These are gorgeous! I featured them on my blog today. Thanks for linking up to the All Year Round Blog Carnival: Autumn!

  5. Been poking around your blog and it's very cute. Visiting from Blog Hobnob link up.


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