reviewing: natural cleaning products

I have been using natural cleaning methods and products for over a decade so when the opportunity arose through Naturally Savvy to review natural cleaning products I felt that I was more than qualified for the job! ;o)


Early in August I received a bottle of the Ecover Pomegranate and Lime Dish Detergent so we have been using it for almost a month now.

This is what we noticed right away:
~ you need very little to get an entire sink full of dishes clean
~ it cuts grease very well
~ the bubbles do not disappear quickly
~ it has a pleasant mild natural smell
~ it does not dry out my hands
~ the bottle is made from 100% plant plastic (a plastic derived from sugarcane)

After researching Ecover's website I learned that:
~ Ecover has been in business for over 30 years
~ during that time they have reduced even further the environmental impact their products have and challenged other companies to do the same
~ their new factory runs entirely on green electricity produced by wind generators, tidal generators and electricity supplied by a local green company
~ they are very "scent" conscience and only use plant based scents to mildly scent their products
~ they use Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (which I am not entirely convinced is a good thing)

Overall we are pleased with the washing up soap and are impressed with how they are running their green company.

I am definitely interested in trying their other products.
They offer several coupons for their products here.

Note:  I received this product free of charge, however, my thoughts about this product are my true feelings.

If you have used Ecover products I'd love to hear your thoughts about their products?
~ joey ~

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