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The kids are really enjoying playing the other money and adding games that I have come up with lately so I whipped up this simple sensory game the other day.

To start them off I took a small bag and put one of each of our coins inside.  They then asked each other if they could "please pick a penny" or nickel, etc.

After a few minutes of pulling out incorrect similar sized coins, I pointed out that our money has some clever ways to tell it apart by feel.

Some coins are round and smooth on the edge (nickels and pennies), some are round and have grooves on the edge (quarters and dimes), toonies are round and have a pattern of grooves and smooth edge, and some are actually not round at all.  The loonie is actually 11 sided (I didn't realize that until now!) and for a short time they made pennies 12 sided.

So when they had a better feel for the money we introduced some dice and added more coins to the bag.
We used a:
 +/- die
two 12 sided (1-12)
20 sided (1-20)
10 sided 00-90 (in increments of 10).

They rolled the dice, added or subtracted the two numbers and then reached into the bag and felt around for the correct change.

Here are some examples...





Adding and subtracting these larger numbers is challenging my son (which he loves) so I'm sure he'll be a money whiz in no time!  It's also great review for my daughter who is 2 years older.

Do you have any fun "math" games to share?
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  1. I love that this is a sensory math activity!

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