planning themes - butterflies

Our garden fairy theme is starting to morph into...
a butterfly theme!

I am busy in the planning stage and loving it,
 'pinning' ideas to my Pinterest Butterfly board
and making lists of good reference/story books at our library for my records.
Our library has an online service that allows me to put books on hold from other branches and have them sent to my branch for pick up.  I also use the online booklist to keep track of our favourites.
Very handy tools for busy Mums!

'A' chasing a blue morpho (age: almost 4...sigh!) 2006

During July we will be:

 ~ revisiting this Butterfly House
(that I used to work at years ago)

~ looking at butterfly wings under the microscope

~ drawing, painting, folding, and making 3D butterflies
(I have come across SO many fun art projects!)

~ decorating the house and garden with butterfly themed items

~ learning the body parts of the butterfly and caterpillar

~ learning how to identify butterflies and moths

~ playing butterfly math games

~ following the monarch's migratory route on the map

~ baking butterfly cookies

~ and reading lots of books!!!

...some of my favourites so far are... 

And here are a few links that I'll be referring to for the academic portion of our theme...

Playful Learning - 

Eric Carle -

I am still researching music and some documentary films on butterflies to round out our mini "curriculum".  Does anyone have any suggestions for any other fun activities?

Looking forward to a colourful July...
 ~ joey ~


  1. Joey what a big surprise to read your post about butterflies!! I have just finished my embroidery of two butterflies, I hope to show them soon on my blog. thanks for your post!!

    1. I can't wait to see them! I am noticing butterflies everywhere I go these days, my unconscious mind must be looking for them!?
      ~ joey ~

  2. Joey, How is it that I never noticed our girls are both almost 4?!!! My Sunshine loves a book her cousin gave her, Fancy Nancy's Butterfly Garden or something like that. It is indeed all about butterflies. She loves it and so very Canadian with all the French! (hahahaha)
    xo Jules

  3. Hi Jules,
    The photo of my girl was taken 6 years ago! (hence the big Mama sigh...time flutters on!) My son is 7 1/2 so our boys are closer in age.
    I didn't realize that Fancy Nancy is Canadian?! I'll be updating our booklist soon, I've found some really neat books on butterflies!
    ~ joey ~


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
~ joey ~