knitting needles and flowers

Is it just me or does that blog title put a smile on your face too?!!

 Well I am pretty happy that my Gran recently passed down her knitting needle collection to me!  I suppose I am the closest one to being a knitter in the family, but I feel very lucky as she taught me how to knit when I was a child!

So gather 'round all of you knitters and please help out a "knitting newbie" at figuring out exactly what all these bits and bobs are!? Obviously I haven't advanced one stitch since my last lesson back in the 80's!  ha ha!

OK, so first of all I really love that the original price tag is still on these needles, the Eaton's store is long gone now, but can someone tell me...
what on earth do you knit with 3/4" needles??!!

A nice reminder of another company long gone.  From the time I was born, 3 generations would do their weekly shop at Woodward's!

I have no idea what these are called but I'm assuming that they hold your work so you can knit another piece without having to buy another pair of needles?

And I love this little wood um....crochet hook?  I just don't know why there is a hook at both ends that are the same size?  Do you use crochet hooks with knitting, Gran seemed to have quite a few?

I was excited (don't ask me why exactly) to find one of these counter thingys on this needle.  Any explanation on how to use one would be greatly appreciated!

 So, if anyone has any more tidbits of information about some of these needles please let me know!

I have a super simple little project in the works that uses those #12's that I'll be sharing very soon!

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And now onto something I do know about.... flowers!

I spotted these volunteer foxgloves on the edge of the drive the other day so before they faded I had to take some photos, aren't they stunning?

Thank you in advance for sharing your needle knowledge with me! ;o)
~ joey ~


  1. Wow! How stunning are those flowers!? & what a great needle set. Can't help you there, I'm a newbie myself.

  2. And I didn't even plant them, they just appeared, how cool is that?!
    ~ joey ~

  3. Easiest place to start is find a little thing that has different sized round holes in it. There may be one hiding in this great stash. Anything not labeled with a size number you know, can be sized with it. Or you can try the compare thing...smaller than a 10, bigger than 7, that leaves 8 &9....hmmm

    I'm not really a very experienced knitter myself, but last summer I needed to stop knitting my sleeves and keep knitting my body of my first cardigan. You have to hold those sleeve stitches with something...

    Sometimes you count stitches, sometimes you count rows, sometimes you count golf strokes. I'm not good at remembering any of those, so it's best to write them down or click your never know when the phone will ring and you don't want to count every time you get up and down..

    sometimes you crochet an edge on something you knit and sometimes you drop a stitch and go down and fetch it with your crochet hook.

    This looks like a lot of fun! My go-to knitter died a year and a half ago and 100.5 years of age. Until the last year or so, she could out knit most anyone! I miss her and still have her phone number programmed into my phone. I smile when I go past it.

    Happy knitting...happy discovering!

    1. Thank you Karen Sue!
      I really appreciate you taking the time to offer your knowledge, I know I have so much to learn!
      ~ joey ~


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
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