Today we joined some friends at a "nearby" Waldorf School to celebrate Mayfest!  It was held at the same school that we regularly attend a fabulous Christmas Festival.

The sun peeked out from the clouds on and off throughout the day and it was so lovely to feel it's warmth!  The festival was held outdoors on their large grassy field that is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.  Mountains and valleys in the distance and forest all around.



Throughout the grounds were tents set up with activities for the children.  Face painting, flower crowns, kite making, storytime, and fun games like knock down the tin cans, the sack race, and soccer and volleyball nets made for lots of variety to keep the kids busy. 

And the Maypole dancing was fantastic!  Watching all the children dressed in their whites.  Each grade participated in a different dance that wove the long colourful ribbons around the Maypole.  When the highest grade finished their dance the pole was beautifully woven and then all the families joined it.  The high school students provided the music, it was so festive!  There was such a feeling of community, togetherness and warmth, something that seems to be felt less and less in today's schools.  As my husband pointed out we didn't see one person talking on their cell phone or texting, they were all present for their families and enjoying the moment. 


So that you can feel some of the magic that we felt today I hope you enjoy watching this short video clip that my husband took of one of the younger grades' dance.

Welcome May
and the warmth you bring
not only to our earth
but to our souls as well!
~ joey ~



  1. Such a magical day, I am looking forward to our schools this weekend. It will be my little one's first May Faire and my oldest daughter will be going back to visit the school she graduated from ( sadly our local school only goes to 8th grade).

  2. Hi Cynthia!
    What a special day for both of your children! I hope you have a wonderful time!
    ~ joey ~


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