Well, I knew it was coming...yesterday Mama caved and we went to the nursery to look at the fish. 

 The kids were shocked at just how big some of these koi can get and we were shocked at just how much these big fishies cost!

 So we made our way over to the tank that had better sized fish for our little oak barrel pond and ones that were more in our price range!
(to be honest they were ridiculously inexpensive!)

And after much discussion and pointing and excitement ....

...this very happy boy left with three new "pets".

 For the moment their names are (L to R) "Snout", "Creamy" and "Peach".

We bought a few pond plants to protect them from the afternoon sun and they seem as happy to be here, as we are to have them!

Hope you are having a fun weekend!
~ joey ~


  1. Aw, he looks very happy! Fun, fun.

    1. He checks on them all the time and wants to feed them constantly!
      I'm so glad I finally gave in! ;o)
      ~ joey ~

  2. Oh how fun, Joey! My kids would love some fish. I think Mama 'Coon would too. . .. ;)

  3. That's how the last three "disappeared"! This time the barrel is on the sundeck which doesn't have any stairs up to it so they should be safe as long as the herons don't find them.
    Oh nature...!


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~ joey ~