{this moment}

inspired by soulemama and waldorf mama...

This week I am thankful for...

~ having the time, supplies and patience(!) needed to start on my latest creative endevour - knitting!

~ the sunny moments that we've had sporadically throughout the week

~ being able to share in my (blog)friend's excitement as her new book is finally released!  Congratulations Maya! xoxo

~ having a bit more time to spend with my kids as they each take "sick days" from school. 

~ that it's just the sniffles that they have

~ that in 11 days, 25/48 tomato seeds have surfaced

~ this generous giveaway from imagine childhood!

What are you thankful for these days?
 Wishing you a very happy weekend!
~ joey ~


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    1. You are very sweet for saying so! Next time I'll use the size needles they recommended! ;o)


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