more backyard birding

This little friend has become quite a regular at our birdfeeders recently.
It is a female downy woodpecker.

I have spotted her in the trees as well.  They love the suet feeders but also probe dead limbs and plants for insects. (sorry missy those trees aren't dead!)  And also eat fruit and seeds.

And here she is on the other side of the fence in our neighbour's tree.

We see this little bird quite regularly too.  Can you spot it?  It blends in so well with the earth.   
It's a fox sparrow.  They have such a pretty patterned plumage.

They are mostly ground feeders and do the cutest little back and forth hopping dance to stir up the ground looking for seeds!

Honestly, who needs tv when you have these little cuties to entertain you?!

Who's visiting your feeders these days? 
~ joey ~


  1. Well, the goldfinches of course, and white-throated sparrows, so pretty about the eyes and I love their song. The red-bellied woodpecker that I can hear (both hammering and squawking) has been showing up on the tree with the feeder recently! So showy. A pair of cardinals. The titmouses, chickadees, and nuthatches that spent the winter with us. I heard (& saw) a carolina wren a few weeks ago when it was super warm but not lately; he'll be back. I'm still waiting to hear the first towhee. And last week as my daughter and I sat quietly on the rock in the back yard, a red-tailed hawk flew low enough overhead to see his tail patterns. We see and hear them often, but not always so well.

    1. I'll be right over! Wow, so many species to see and many that are not in our neck of the woods! I'll be thinking about your lucky family as I look up the unfamiliar names you listed. I love too that you've passed this interest onto your children! It's SO important for them to learn about local nature and the wild critters that we live with!
      I'm thinking of posting photos of the water birds that we see around here too, stay tuned! ;o)
      Thanks so much for dropping by Amy!
      ~ joey ~

    2. That's why I like your bird-watching posts--different species!!

      I love that my children are interested too. I'm a terrible gardener and have a reputation for killing plants, but at least we're watching and feeding the birds together!!


I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about the posts that I write here. It's nice to just say hi too!
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