earth day

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day Weekend!
The weather here was sunny and warm all weekend so we participated in
 Imagine Childhood's "falling in love with the world" challenge
that I mentioned the other day.

Here's how we spent the day enjoying 'Mother Earth'...

'I found a beautiful rock today'

B found this so fast I'm not even sure where it came from!

'I thanked a tree today'
A wanted to thank her apple trees for growing, she planted them all from seed so we're not sure what we're going to get when they eventually fruit!

'I breathed in fresh air today'
A lot of fresh air!!!  B is crazy about soccer right now, he comes in all sweaty after kicking the ball against that retaining wall.

'I walked on the beach today'
A walk with Dad along the beach in front of our place.

B wanted to change the card to 'I held a crab today'.

where the water from the land enters the ocean

'I spotted a bird today'
...and forgot to put the card in the photo! ;o)

'I dug in the dirt today'
I thought the kids would be keen to do this but it was Mama who enjoyed this one more than the kids.  I spent the entire day weeding, nurturing and rearranging our potted garden.

Thank you to Imagine Childhood for opening our eyes (and hearts) this Earth Day, we have so much to be thankful for!
~ joey ~


  1. What a lovely project! What a great way to celebrate earth day.

    1. Hi Taisa!
      Yes, it was so nice to finally have some warm weather to celebrate and be able to explore everything we wanted to outdoors. The cards were made up ahead of time so I wasn't sure if we'd be walking on the beach in the rain! We even had our first meal outside!
      ~ joey ~


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~ joey ~