Creating spaces - Valentines

window decorations
I've been moving things around in our house, thanks to Mariah.
My goal: to refresh the existing spaces and create some new inviting spaces for our children to be creative in. 
I love decorating for the seasons and holidays so I have created a new work area for them with a Valentine theme.


In the before photo their work desk was in the corner with shelves on top.  This made for a small and cramped space to work.  I know I like to be able to spread out when I'm being creative so I pulled the table out into the room and kept it reasonably free of clutter.  My idea was then they could also use this table for puzzles and plan worked! ;o)

art supplies all together in one place
This also allowed me the space to move a second shelf that was previously in the dining room that held more of their art supplies.  Now everything is together and convenient.

Valentine supplies
 On the window sill behind their new workspace I filled boxes and baskets with art supplies that I felt would encourage Valentine card crafting.  I know how inexpensively you can buy boxes of Valentine cards but I just can't bring myself to buy them.  To me, a Valentine is meant to come from the heart, not the Dollar Store! ;o)

  However, the Dollar Store is the perfect place to find one of these darling metal post boxes!  The flurry of card writing that this little box starts always fascinates me!  I recently came across this adorable sewn mailbox tutorial that I'm sure some of you clever crafters could whip up!?

homemade painted postage stamps
To add to the creative fun of this space I pulled out some "make your own stamps" that I had made when the kids were quite a bit younger.  They didn't fly at the time so I thought I'd bring them out again and see what happens this year!?  And because I feel that it's always best to set a good example for children...I had some fun making a few last night with watercolour pencils!  The stamps are made from Avery labels cut with fancy scissors so that they can be used like real stamps.  Too much fun!!  :o)

 Next I wanted to create a space where they could store all of their musical instruments.  This existing and underutilized row of pegs proved to be the perfect (and safest) spot for the new guitar, the recorders, the glockenspiel and tambourine.  For now the easel holds all the harmonicas and various bells and shakers.  This corner also contains our stereo and recorded music, an old laptop to play my son's guitar lesson DVD, and a comfy chair to play and rest in.

refreshed reading nook
And finally the reading "nook" was in desperate need of a good sorting.  I added a variety of books featuring the next few "special days"...Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and Shrove Tuesday (aka: Pancake Tuesday!).
The bottom shelf is reserved for some of our well read European comic books - Tintin, Oor Wullie and Rupert the Bear.  These stories are favourites from my husband's childhood.

So what kinds of creative goodness have been going on in your home?
Please share a comment or drop me a line, I'd love to see!
~ joey ~


  1. My goodness, Joey, could you drop by my place and straighten it up?!!! I honestly love the same idea, changing things up and re-organizing to make things "new" again, but it takes a post like yours to return the idea to my mind. Thanks. There are so many good ideas here I don't even know where to begin...I suppose I ought to get off here and get to it!!! What a fun place for your children to be creative.
    xo Jules

  2. And the added bonus was it didn't cost me a dime! ;O)

  3. Love the music corner--this is so cute!


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