seasonal poetry

We started a new tradition about 6 months ago that has quickly become a family favourite!  On the first day of the new season we write an acrostic poem about what the season means to us. 

Here are some (unedited) examples....

A's summer poem - hand written with a colourful drawn border

S - sunny days
U - umbrella shade
M - moth of July
M - Mom
E - Elder
R - Runing with friends

B's poem - hand written

S - swimming
U - umbralla shade
M - mom's homeschooling
M - mom's homework
E - eatig ice cream
R - run

ps.  for the record. he begged me to homeschool him last summer, it wasn't my idea!;o)
~ ~ ~ 

A's autumn poem - this poem she typed out on the computer and added clip art

A - Apples on the trees
U - Under the trees
T - Tree's leaves are changing colour
U - Up in the sky are clouds
M - Mom is with you all the time
N - Never snowy till the end.

B's autumn poem - this poem he typed out on our manual typewriter

A - autumn decoration;s
U - underground worm,s
T - tomaya bOOk
U - useing leaves for craft,s
M - magic tricks
N - nineth month
~ ~ ~

and A's winter poem - handwritten on Christmas stationary

W - Wagon's under willow trees
 I - In the sky there is  a breeze
N - Nine angels dancing gracefully
T - Trees in the woods standing cheerfully
E - Eating apples happily
R - Reaching down and huging me. 

B's winter poem - handwritten on Christmas stationary

W - wind is always on cold days,
 I - in the winter there's somtimes snow
N - nieces come over to christmas,
T - trees always have snow on them when it's snowing,
E - eating christmas dinner on christmas
R - running in the snow.

As a mother what I love most about this activity is that it gives me an opportunity to see how their poems change as they mature.  I have already noticed their handwriting and spelling improve, watched them experiment with new writing 'tools', attempt to make the lines rhyme, and expand their thoughts and describe their feelings in more detail.  

It's an excellent learning activity (they don't even realize that they are learning!) and we have an example of who they are today to cherish forever!

I almost can't wait for Spring! ;o)

ps.  and yes my husband and I participate as well!
~ joey ~

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