7 years old

Wow!  How is it possible that my youngest just turned seven?!

This year my son asked if we could have his party
at the local recreation centre instead of at home.
In September we had a party for my daughter away from home
and it was a lot of fun, so we agreed...

...and off to the ice rink we did go!
We met 8 friends and had lots of fun improving our skills on the slick surface.  It always takes me a few laps to find my skating ankles again!

my daughter was a bit cautious as well

At first the big plastic walkers were very popular with the boys, then as children tend to do at this age, one by one they traveled off on their own without any assistance.

My husband was in charge of photos and I love how many of these photos are blurry, there was definitely lots of action out there!
And it also indicates how much fun we had!

Granny and B

There were lots of family at the party as well, Grandparents, cousins, even Great-Gramma (at 95 years old) made it to watch the kids! (nothin' stops my Gran!)

Then we moved into the party room for even more action!
(I don't think these boys were still for a moment?)

can you tell which two are cousins?!

this was the only photo I managed to get of the food!

So it was a party full of action, a lot less creativity on my part...sniff sniff,
it was declared "the best party ever" by my son
and that's what counts in my books!

a boy and his guitar

And if we are lucky our gift to him this year will fill our lifetime
with creative music, and that makes me even happier!
Happy Birthday little man!

~ joey ~

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