looking back: past waldorf christmas fairs

::  floating walnut candles 2007  ::
One of the events that we look forward to during the Christmas Season is a visit to a Waldorf School Christmas Fair!  The only school is located an hour from our home so our children do not attend the school but we do enjoy visiting and absorbing all of that Waldorf goodness!   I always enjoy going through our photos of past visits as the date of our next visit draws nearer (this year's fair is this weekend!!) so I thought I would share some of them today.  

Our journey begins traveling up over the mountain that we admire through our living room window every day!  This is the view from the mountain's summit....totally spectacular!
If you click on the above photo and look very closely you can see the ferry that travels across the inlet through the railing (yes, that little white spot!).  We often take it one way to reduce highway travel time, it's a very relaxing way to travel!  We are about 1150 feet above sea level.  Salt Spring Island is on the left!
::  we live in the little bay on the right of this photo  ::

 .... back to the Waldorf Fair!  Here are some photos from past visits!  It's amazing to see how much the kidlets have grown.  We couldn't attend last year due to a snow storm so they seem so little!!!
::  candle dipping is a favourite activity!  2008  ::
::  candle dipping 2009  ::
This particular year (2009) they had set up the most beautiful display in the center of the candle dipping "circle" that we traveled around.  When we enter the room we remove our shoes, quiet our voices and wait our turn.  The room is lit by only filtered light through the windows and a musician softly plays as we make our way around the circle to two dipping pots.  

I couldn't believe how much work went into creating this gorgeous display!  Sorry some of the photos are dark and out of focus.  I didn't want to use a flash and the light wasn't great for photography, plus I was trying so hard not to disturb the others as I snapped my photos!

The activities and crafts that they set up in the classrooms are beautiful as well!  Here in the Kindercrafts Room the kids have made candle holders, God's eyes, wool angels and scented bath salts!
::  2008  ::
::  2008  ::
::  2008  ::
::  2009  ::

The playground is fantastic and we always leave lots of time to explore every inch of it!

::  2009  ::
::  2008  ::
::  aack!  I can't believe he's not quite 3 years old here!  2007 ::
The entire school is decorated so beautifully...hallways, classrooms, even the bathrooms have sprigs of greenery on the counters, so much goes into every detail!
::  hallway mural 2007  ::
::  classroom chalkboard drawing 2007  ::
::  candle dipping 2007  ::
::  decorated hallway  2007  ::
::  displays of the children's schoolwork 2007  ::
::  when I fell in love with kite paper stars!  2007  ::
::  wreath making 2007  ::
::  musicians play  ::
::  vendors sell their handmade goods  ::
I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into a Waldorf School Christmas Festival, if you have an experience or photos to share of your Waldorf Fair please leave a link!
Enjoy the beginning of this rich holiday season,
~ joey ~

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  1. This is so wonderful, Joey. It is very much like the much-anticipated Waldorf Christmas Faire here in Nelson. I loved seeing the coastal beauty. I once lived on Salt Spring Isle when they were starting up a Waldorf Kinder program. A long time ago. It brought back memories seeing your photos.
    xo Jules


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