::  stacking wood rainbow - my favourite find for only $2!  ::

In our little town we have a fantastic Thrift Store that I like to visit as often as I can!  The people there are friendly, the stores are clean and organized, the charity that operates the stores offer some important services to the locals in need and I pick up some great deals to boot!  I also love how much is kept out of the landfill and how many items are re-used or re-purposed!  There's less packaging, less transportation, the list goes on and on why buying second hand is so much better for the world!  Because we always find excellent deals at these stores we always donate our gently used items to them when we are finished with them!

I picked up these items recently...
::  a book I've been meaning to read, 5 white silk scarves ready to dye, cotton lace, and floss for a gnome project I'm going to try!  ~ grand total:  $8.90!  ::
::  three new friends to add to my daughter's doll house!  ~ $0.50 each  ::
::  wood mirror and ikea picture frames, some brand new, ~ total less than $20  ::
::  I can never pass up field guides when they are only $1!  ::

::  this book is filled with music scores of songs that A sung as a toddler and now she'll be able to play them on the piano!....with a few more lessons! ;o)  only $1  ::

A few past purchases that still make me giddy!...
::  one of the hundreds of books that I have picked up over the years!  This one was $1!  ::
::  beeswax crayons, barely used condition ~ $2  ::
::  I love the sound that this stir xylophone makes!  only $2. (I made the mallet)  ::
::  a sweet manual typewriter, she is such a gem and was only $2.50!  ::
Do you buy second hand?  Please share your favourite finds!
~ joey ~


  1. Lucky finds! Especially love the little Waldorf dolls.

  2. Hello and welcome to my blog! I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a note!
    ~ joey ~

  3. JOEY!!!!!
    ok- friend, WHERE on EARTH is this thrift store???? These are some of the best finds I have ever seen!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yep, definitely the best finds I've ever seen! And I've done A LOT of thrifting. Wow!!!!! I want this thrift store in my neck of the woods!


  5. I'm agreeing with everyone above.. I think I would cry. Wow. :)

    Blessings, Debbie


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