::  surrounded by 100' tall forests there is a 3 acre field of heaven on earth! ::
Ah!  It's finally blueberry season!
We had been anxiously awaiting the day when the Upick Farm phoned us to say that it was time!  My husband and I went together this year.  For the past few years I have picked for the farm which gave me a bit of spending money and paid for our berries.  This year it didn't work out that I could do that so hubby and I went on a "blueberry picking date"!
Note:  we would have taken the kids but the farm isn't safe for little ones!
  So there's my man, busy in the field!  It was nice for him to be in a totally different surrounding than where he works.  (he teaches Electronic Engineering Technology at our College...could it be any more different?!)
But we both love being outdoors and hope one day soon to have a properly planted blueberry patch of our own!
::  this year the blueberries were slow to ripen but are really big!  ::
::  eight ice cream pails in 3 hours!!  ::
And here's what we made for breakfast the next day!  Yummy!
We have frozen most of the berries for smoothies and baking and I have set some aside for making jam too.   What are your favourite blueberry recipes or preserving tricks?!
Hope you are all savouring the fresh flavours of summer! 
~ joey ~

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