sea creativity

::  the beautiful blended colours of the inside of a muscle shell  ::

When I'm craving fresh new ideas because I've fallen into a creative rut I often look to Mother Nature for guidance.  Always having lived on the west coast of Canada, the sea is naturally a big part of me.  If I ever had to move away from it I know it would be dearly missed.  There is an energy that comes from the ocean that stirs up everything inside me and leaves me creatively charged...yet at the same time...calm and peaceful.  It's not easy to explain but I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about...

::  petrified kelp  ::

 We like to include the natural beauty of the sea in our home by carefully choosing treasures that are not likely to disrupt the delicate balance of this sensitive ecosystem.  The above 'treasure' was a gift from a friend from one of the tiny islands in the Strait of Georgia.  Not being a biologist I do not know much anything about how this creation came to be but we think it's beautiful and we display it on the wall in our front porch! 

::  A's display of beach findings  ::

Our children share our love of the ocean and often return home with pockets full of empty shells, stones, sticks and beach glass.  My daughter created this arrangement of her beach findings when she was 6.

::  the vibrant colours of sea stars  ::

Most often we try to capture nature's beauty with photographs and the sea life is a favourite! 

::  Canada geese  ::

::  one of our favourite inlets to walk to  ::

Creating 'art' on the beach is a fun thing to do, knowing that once the tide comes in the canvas is cleared and ready for new creations!

::  simple supplies can make beautiful things!  ::

::  building a home for the beach fairies  ::

We are fortunate that we are not the only ones inspired by the ocean that surrounds us.  The work of many local artists has found it's way into our home!

::  folk art seagull by Chris Arnett  ::

The creativity of the sea can host many kinds of experiences that your family can learn from in direct or indirect ways.  Curious minds ask questions that start conversations that sends us on a journey to the past as we recall our favourite childhood memories.  The hues, shapes, textures, sounds and smells of items found on and around the ocean shore stimulate many of the senses which in turn energizes our bodies in many creative ways.  Sometimes photos are taken and later admired, a picture is drawn, scientific information researched and recorded, a related book is pulled off the bookshelf or a short story written.  Sometimes it even sparks the desire to simplify our home, clean or rearrange the furniture!

I'd love to hear how the ocean inspires you!
~ joey ~

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  1. it's nice to find someone who is also so clearly in touch with the element of water:) I love all of your findings:)


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