Painting in the park

::  paint in every shade imaginable  ::

Wow!  What a weekend!  Every year our small community puts on an event to celebrate everything local!  There's a parade, pancake breakfast, mini golf, pedal cars, food, music, entertainment, displays from local businesses, craft vendors and friends literally everywhere you turn!  Most families walk to the event (which is so nice!) and most years it also marks the first day of the year that really feels like summer!

My most favourite booth to visit is of course......the children's painting booth!  Just look at those gorgeous pots of paint!  And those are just a few of the colours they had out.....I had to snap a photo!

My daughter couldn't wait to get in there!  Of course there was a line up, but all the children waited patiently on those big bouncy balls that people exercise with as they watched the others paint.

My son had to finish eating before he was going to line up (male priorities you know!  ha ha!) but when his turn came he eagerly marched up to paint his masterpiece.   At this stage he likes to paint what he is familiar with, so anything that he has painted before and he felt was successful at.  I was a little surprised that he chose a daffodil as his drawings lately have been mostly dinosaurs.

::  A's painting of a rainbow  ::

::  B's painting of a daffodil  ::

They are so proud of their paintings!  My daughter wore a huge smile the entire time she was painting and I tried desperately to capture her enthusiasm with my camera.  Even standing behind her I could tell that she was in the zone!  The funny thing about A's painting is that when I looked at all of the pots of vivid colours the first thing I thought about painting (if I was actually allowed to jump in there too!) was a rainbow!  It's strange how often we think alike...

At home we most often paint with soft soothing watercolour paints at our dining room table sometimes with soft music playing the in background.  We all find it very calming.  So I felt this bright, upright "exposed" style of painting with such bold colours amongst the bustle in the park was good for them to experience as well. 

So we now have two bright new pieces of art on our living room wall and we're so honoured to know both of the artists in person!

Hope you had a creative weekend too!?
~ joey ~


  1. beautiful and well written:) how fantastic that your children have both experiences..the creations are def. something to be treasured:) xoxoxo

  2. Thank you again Rebecca!
    Loved your post today!
    ~ joey ~


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