a mama moment

My son's class visited the local petting farm the other day and I was so glad that I was able to accompany them!

There was new life everywhere!!!

::  baby pot bellied pigs  ::

::  baby donkey  ::

::  sheep  ::

::  my favourite ~ the baby goats!  ::

::  mama and her new babies!  ::

Some of these little darlings were only a few days old!  The children are able to brush the older kids with soft brushes and pet them gently.  One of the mama goats was in labour and all the Mom's in our group kept peaking into her pen to give her moral support!  It was her first pregnancy and she was getting pretty close to giving birth so it was exciting to see!  They suspected that she would have about 3 or 4 kids.

::  roosters and hens ::

::  peacocks in the trees  ::

::  a peacock's long tail feathers  ::

It was such a fun outing and the children were able to see some beautiful animals!  I think we'll have to go back during the summer for a visit and see how they have all grown!  Perhaps take our sketchbooks along.....!?!

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