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So I'm sure you have been wondering why you have not actually seen anything 'madebyjoey' on this blog!?  Well first of all I tend to make things for others and it's hit or miss whether I actually remember to photograph the gift before giving it to the person.  And secondly, I find it hard to open up and expose such a big part of me with all of blogland!  But, I feel the time has everyone else who blogs, I need to learn how to take the good with the bad and put it out there!  How does one inspire others when they are hiding in the closet...right?  So here goes....

One craft that I really enjoy is needle felting.  For a long time I admired the works of many Waldorf needle felters and one day thought "why don't I give it a go?!"  So I tried it and I'm hooked!  Here are some of my completed projects....

::  a rainbow of acorns ~ LOVE rainbows! ::

::  my kids and I made these sheep for Christmas gifts one year  ::

::  I LOVE ladybugs and toadstools!!!!  ::

::  a gift for a friend  ::

::  toadstool ornament for Christmas  ::

::  I wish I could remember which website inspired me to create this chubby little owl?!  ::

::  a gift for our niece  ::

::  an easter gift for my daughter.  inspired by the books
story of root children and mother earth and her children  ::

::  another root child inspired gift for my girl!
Note:  hat is wool felt  ::

Well that wasn't so hard after all!  I highly recommend needle felting if you haven't tried it before!  My first thought was, "that's going to take forever poking at wool with a needle, I don't have the patience for that!"  I could not have been more wrong!  It's has many of the same possibilities as sculpting with clay, but I find using wool is quicker and more forgiving!  Some of my ideas originate from sewn items but I can needle felt a piece in half the time it would take me to sew it!  The process has a similar rhythm to knitting and it's so lovely to work with the natural fibers!  The books below are excellent to get you started and inspired!
Please share your needle felting projects!
~ joey ~


  1. Oh, I love everything! The bag of felted balls is a fantastic gift idea. I love your blog, your craftiness, and your pictures! I will start following your blog. Thank you for visiting our blog. --Jennifer

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    You guys have such an inspiring blog, I love seeing how you enrich your lives with Waldorf!
    And thank you for your kind words about my new little blog!
    Take care of you and that little bump! :o)
    ~ joey ~


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