challenge #18 - b&w or colour?

I photocopied my last challenge before I coloured in the black so that I could also colour it in with my coloured pencils.  
Let me know which you prefer...

 black and white


~ joey ~

weekly challenge #19

This must be a personal record for me, completing my challenge by noon on Monday!  

I decided to give the tangle Maryhill a try and wow what fun results it gives.  When I started drawing the lines I felt awkward and thought this doesn't flow at all!  But then as I relaxed into it, it started to come together.  It's also more forgiving that you would think.

I enjoyed shading it and could sit and play with it for hours.
So how do you know when to stop shading?
Do you think it's possible to over shade a piece?
Love to hear your thoughts,
~ joey ~

joey's weekly tangle challenge #19

 This tangle challenge is for anyone who enjoys using tangles in their art.

Whether you are an experienced artist or new to drawing, we're here to learn from each other and have fun with our art!
  I hope that you will find my challenges fresh, stimulating and rewarding!

Use the Link Up at the bottom of the post to share your work.     
note:  the link up never closes, so you can come back and link up  to any challenge, at any time.

* * * 
For the busy days of summer I'm going to keep this week's challenge simple!
One guideline:
A monotangle of your favourite
tangle that generates an "optical illusion".

By this I mean tangles that take on a 3 dimensional look like:
(it's an opportunity to practice our shading too!)
They are all very cool, now to pick one!
~ joey ~
* note: I have offered just a few tangle possibilities, you may choose any tangle pattern that gives an optical illusion look.

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weekly challenge #18 - trace and tangle an object

Well you would never believe why I'm so late with my challenge this week!
I misplaced my daughter's little fairy sewing scissors that I wanted to trace!

Very frustrating to a person who likes to be organized, but thankfully I discovered them this morning buried in a basket full of supplies for a summer diy project which I hope to show here soon.

Because I traced sewing scissors I thought I would go with a "quilt-like" theme for my design.  I know that using a ruler when zentangling is a no-no but it's a must when quilting so I decided to use one.  The shading for some reason hasn't shown up very well on the squares with the dots, but they're shaded grey.

I copied the drawing before I filled in the black so that I can fill it in now with colour.  It's like 2 for 1 tangling!  You can tell me which one you like better when I'm done.

Hope you are having a great weekend!
~ joey ~

Kelly's build a house challenge #2

I've been having a lot of fun doing Kelly's new challenges.  This week we had to 'build a house' with a printable template that she makes up.

My kids say it looks like a Hobbit house.  I figured that I would be  going overboard if I added flying fairies and gnomes peeking out of the garden... but I was tempted!

Her challenges seem to spark my "whimsical" side more than my "tangling" side.  I wanted to try a few drawing techniques that I saw in this doodle by Ann, but it also contains a few "modified" tangles:  Bricks and Frond and of course W2 for the roof (which I now see that I drew upside-down by mistake!)
Oh well, it's all good fun!
~ joey ~

Grow a Garden Challenge #1

I wanted to share with you another really fun challenge.  It's hosted by Kelly at Whimsy and Zen.  This was her first challenge of this kind, it's called Grow a Garden.
She draws a template of strokes for us to start with, gives a general idea of what it's to be, and we're free to draw whatever we feel.  How cool is that?!
I have used Micron pens and Prismacolor pencils on this piece.
Here is Kelly's challenge for this week - Build a house.
~ joey ~

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